Rhino Plug-in

This page is the manual page for the VaryLab Rhino plug-in. The plug-in can be downloaded from the user area at http://my.varylab.com/#downloads.

To start VaryLab for Rhinoceros select a mesh object and invoke the command "Varylab". The VaryLab plug-in user interface comes up.

The plug-in contains four optimization methods.
  • Edge Equalizer
    This energy peanalizes deviation from a given edge length. As default value we pick the mean edge length of the selected mesh.
  • Planarizer
    An energy whose minimizer has planar quadrilaterals.
  • Reference surface
    Select a NURBS surface to act as a reference surface during optimization. Points of the mesh are drawn towards the surface of the reference mesh.
  • Opposite Edge Curv
    A mesh fairing energy
The third column of the user interface contains optimization controls. You can restrict vertex movement to the coordinate axes. The selectable solvers methods are variants of conjugate gradient methods. We recommend the method tao_lmvm as beeing one of the fastest. Hit the Optimize button to start the optimization with the entered number of iterations and target tolerance.
The right column stores the mesh geometries during optimization such that you can go back to meshes and try different settings.

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