VaryLab Grasshopper Components

We started to implement a set of Grasshopper components to connect the VaryLab main program to the Rhino world. This is different to the prior approach of implementing a native Rhino 3D plug-in described in this article. Visit the download section to get the current version of the Grasshopper assembly.

The idea is to have a component that takes a mesh and uses a running VaryLab application to do the optimization. The resulting mesh is then delivered back to the component and written t the output of the component. Here is an example setup using the Optimization component.
A second component feeds the active geometry loaded in VaryLab into Grasshopper. This example brings the active VaryLab geometry into Grasshopper and scales it.
We plan to include more features. Planned are:

  • Storage of the VaryLab configuration as a Grasshopper component state
  • Configuration of boundary conditions through Grasshopper 
  • Expose more features like parametrization or remeshing

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